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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Nine...

July 14, 2010

This morning we woke up and headed to the beach to see the tide pools. We then drove out further on the island to see the seals sunning on the rocks and playing in the ocean. We completed our drive down the Oregon coast, and were continually amazed with how beautiful it was. We passed into California and continued down 101 to the Redwood National Forest. We were amazed at the size of these incredible towering trees. We of course got a few photo ops in, and did the typical tourist shot in the base of a hollowed out giant tree (see above ☺). On our long drive south, the trees seemed almost never ending, as we felt we had a lot of ground to cover today to get down to the San Francisco area so that we can have a full day of sightseeing there tomorrow. During our drive we tried to book a hotel in San Francisco and it turned out it was not our lucky day. There is a marathon and a huge convention all on the same we planned to arrive into town. After many calls (while searching for cellular service in the giant Redwoods), we found an available room, and were thankful to have a place to stay (rather than camp in the middle of Union Square downtown – probably wouldn’t go over so well…). Because reservations in SF were close to impossible, we decided to stay outside of San Francisco tonight in Petaluma and we’ll get up and drive the quick hour into the city in the morning. We are excited for a double-decker bus tour around such a cool city!

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