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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Two...

July 7, 2010

...It turns out wi-fi and power outlets can be tough to find when you're staying at campsites in the middle of nowhere. We apologize for being a bit behind, but aim to catch you up soon! No worries...there hasn't been any trouble - just trouble finding current technology! :)

We began day two with a fond farewell to Terre Haute, IN and the Wabash River and set out for our next stop in St. Louis. The St. Louis Arch, known as the “Gateway to the West” seemed a great first stopping point. It turned out to be an even better stop when we stumbled upon the Basilica of St. Louis, The King, and went in for a quick prayer to St. Christopher for continued safe travels. We weathered a storm crossing through Missouri but made it to Independence without too much delay and enjoyed the National Historic Trails Museum. We viewed a short film, and explored the exhibits. Our favorite exhibits being the “virtual wagon” where you loaded up supplies as a pioneer would, only to find you of course tried to bring too much for the journey, and the “oxen vs. mules” polling site where after a few hours of oxen training, we decided to stick with our Jeep instead. We left the museum with a bag full of Oregon Trail artifacts including replicas of popular pioneer children’s games, maps, books, brochures and postcards. From Independence we made it into downtown Kansas City to explore the nightlife of Light and Power District and enjoy a cold drink after a long days journey; a stop we’re sure the pioneers would have enjoyed had they had he luxury. We made our way to the hotel early, as tomorrow’s destinations of Ft. Kearney and Chimney Rock are quite far out in Nebraska.

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