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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Seven...

July 12, 2010

After a better night’s sleep, we got on the road heading west on I-84 passing through Boise and not much else on the way to the Oregon border. Once in Oregon (woohoo, we made it!) we stopped at Baker City to visit the Oregon Trails Interpretive Center and Museum. The museum is located a few miles off the highway, and we realized later that it sits directly on a bluff overlooking the wagon trails taken by pioneers that are still visible today. A wagon train exhibit overlooked the fertile-looking Baker City valley below. Inside the museum we explored life-size dioramas of pioneer wagon train scenes. Children riding in wagons, women tending the wagon and children and men driving the herds of animals were a few of the many exhibits. A very realistic video re-creating the historic sites and events along the trail was playing throughout the museum and we purchased a copy along with many useful books and photographs. The museum attendants were so kind as to give us free teacher kits to add to our supplies as well. On our way out, we listened to a live musician playing old west songs on the guitar and the banjo. We filmed a few songs, as we know the boys will get a kick out of hearing them too. We hopped back into the car to make our last stop on the trail: Oregon City!

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